Floreat Private Office
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About Floreat

Floreat Private Office provides high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and families with advice to control their (family) interests. We are an independent counsellor, who critically thinks and operates.


See the broader picture, understand it, and bring it to the next level. We offer overview and control. Our goal is to effectively address your concerns with a long-term vision.
Peace of mind, but still achieving your goals through flexible counselling and actions.

Floreat Private Office is derived from knowledge and experience; clients need support that goes beyond expert advice or the execution of a deed.


We are dedicated and discrete. When necessary, we work with external specialists. We act as your right hand and ‘libero’. Mutual trust is crucial.


All our clients have come to us via references.


Our mission is to support high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and families in protecting and developing their interests. We focus on legal, fiscal and administrative issues.

Core values

Client interest


We plan for both the family members and their (business) capital interests which mutually affect each other’s continuity and harmony.

Integrated custom made solutions and implementation for fiscal and legal issues, with an eye for economic aspects. We support you by:

  • Structuring your assets and estate planning
  • Transactional guidance concerning:
    • Investments in real estate, direct investments in companies, private equity, contracts with asset managers, art, brand rights/ property rights
    • (R) emigration
    • (Re) financing
    • Business succession
  • Corporate housekeeping: documentation, financial statements and declarations
  • Family governance: management and consultation concerning (family) wealth
  • Preparation for passing wealth to future generations concerning inheritance
  • Improvement of communication and harmony within the family
  • Plan for OASIS
  • Member of advisory or supervision board
  • Acting as an independent director of, among other things, family foundations and holding companies
  • Family philanthropy
  • Domiciliation


We would like to discuss how we can assist you.

How do I increase the chance (30%) to transfer my wealth successfully?
How can this transaction be well organised and embedded in our structure?
What are the annual obligations of our structure?
What contribution does Floreat provide as an independent director or member of the advisory or supervisory board?
Which checks & balances does Floreat arrange for in case of calamities?
Is this action in line with my tax structure?
What are the experiences of others; best practice?
How was it again; where can I find documents?


Albert Theunissen

Managing partner, General counsel

Willemijn Smets – van Vliet

Legal manager

Reinier Teixeira de Mattos

Partner, General counsel

Tahany Piqué

Compliance officer, Legal manager

Jake Peereboom

Finance manager


Legal manager

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